Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Queen and I

You may have noticed that this blog has been a little lacking lately. I skip a few days because life intervenes and then I look at my life and think, well what is interesting to blog about? Or alternatively, oh there is too much to blog about now, where to start? This is the disadvantage of being a lawyer...I can quite convincingly argue the diametrically opposing sides of an argument and make both sound credible!

Then there are the technical hurdles. Thanks to the nice people who run the help on the Blogsy ipad app I now know that my Picassa Web Album storeage is full. Who knew that could even happen? This means Blogsy would not upload pictures and we all know that Section 7(1) ( iii) Blogging Act 2005 prohibits posts without visuals save in certain proscribed circumstances. ( Blog posts without pictures which are about the inability to post pictures are covered by Schedule 2 Para 3 ( a) so I am fine today.)

It seems I have two options. First, pay a very small and entirely reasonable fee to upgrade my storage (which goes aganst the grain because I got on line when I only knew one other person with an email address and am thus of the generation that is used to everything online being free, even though I know it must cost somene somewhere something to produce all these services). Or it seems I could set up another web album account and link it to Blogsy. Or my blogs, or something. Which goes against the grain because that takes time and effort to figure out and the Internet is supposed to be fast and easy. Sigh.

So, I am going to have to align myself to the Queen who just rededicated herself to the service of the nation. And I assume the Commonwealth and any other country out there who might have had a little strop about some tea in a harbour but which still stays up all night to watch Royal Weddings.( You know who you are.)

I hereby rededicate myself to sorting out the technical problems and the motivational problems and coming back in a few days with a regular blog schedule and some interesting material. And photos.

Meanwhile, if you will excuse me I must go and walk these Corgis.


Feather on a Wire said...

If you are running on Windows, MS have a little tool called a photo resizer. You just right click on the photo in your albums and choose a size, (I always choose large which is big enough for large on screen viewing)before uploading to your blog. This way you can go on for simply ages before running out of your allocated space.
Enjoy the corgi walking...

Sandy said...

not sure if it helps, but I just upload from my own computer. I don't have a picassa account or anything similar.

I also always reduce the size. not sure if it is the technologically best way. but I basically reduce the size to 30%. Then they upload faster for some viewers and I (think) get round the concern for the amount of photos I can use.

At least anyway, I am coming up to 900 posts. of course none of this may apply for you. :) (letting me out clause)
Sandy in Bracknell

Gretchen said...

Wonderful post and I hope "walkies" with the Corgis was lovely. I do hope technicalities will sort themselves out and us former colonists from across the pond will receive digital dispatches from you soon.

Del said...

Now, are those your Corgis? Or the Queen's Corgis?
I spent the "big bucks" and enlarged my storage, so I'm good for another seven years!

Judy said...

Helen, So very much enjoyed all that (even if you didn't) and if I ever need a lawyer in OZ I'll offer to fly you here to defend me. I really do admire your ability to put an argument or a problem the way it should be. And now I'm glade I have neither a blog or an iPad, I thought I was savy enough for that but now realise I'm not. And I do sit up all night watching Royal Weddings, even though I'm not a royalist, no one knows how do do the Royal stuff like our royals(their mine too SHE is on our money. After all that nonsense, I very much hope you fix your problem with your integrity intact.