Thursday, May 19, 2011

Studio Building 2

How to build a studio floor:
Step One cut a big hole in the ceiling below the loft.
Step two. Get Mick the Muscle up on the porch roof to gently guide half a ton of steel girder through the window.
Step Three: Balance it on its end with the tip though the hole and send The Apprentice up in the loft to receive it.
Step Four: Get Mick the Muscle to give it one almighty heft and Bill the Broken Foot Builder to help out
Step Five: Up, up, up on tippy-toes with half a ton of steel on your fingertips.
Step Six: Make ballerina like poses
Step Seven: repeat four more times.

Then today the timber for the floor struts arrived just before the building inspector who passed the steel girders but insists that we replace every single internal door in the house with thicker fire doors. Hmm. Didn't plan for that.  I guess that's what 'contingency' is for in the budget. And Dad if you are reading this... would you mind painting a few extra doors when you come down?!


Vicki W said...

When we bought our house it was a pretty crappy specimen. It required pretty extensive remodeling. One of the most interesting parts was watching them install 3 steel beams to replace a supporting wall. It makes me feel very secure knowing my bedroom is supported by so much steel!

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