Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building a Studio 1

I have not blogged much about the house recently and I probably owe you some before and after shots another day but today's news is all about the commencment of studio building.
Well, it turned out an actual building would be too expensive so....

... no, I jest. (I hope). This is the builder bolting pieces of timber to steel with a great big machine in the pouring rain.

Inside the house they have demolished a partition wall which formed three cupboards between two bedrooms.

The side door there is widened and becomes the door to the stairs. The door facing the camera will be the door to the understairs cupboard from our bedroom and a new partition wall will be errected a little nearer the canera than the original was, to finish off the room that will then be Dennis' library. The steel will somehow get inside the house through a window and up through the ceiling here in a way whch actually I think it is best if I do not know. Then the stairs go where the cupboards were and construction of the actual room begins. 


Rayna said...

Oh, my goodness! I am staying tuned for this adventure.

Online Digital Comera said...

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