Sunday, March 27, 2011

Journal Quilt for March

I haven't felt like blogging much recently. But I have felt like quilting! This is my Journal quilt for March for the Contemporary Quilt Group Challenge. I have called it.

The Doctor's opens at 9am

I am trying out methods or products or techniques that are new to me in these 10 inch quilts. Today I tried using abaca tissue for the background and a collage method. Worked fine until I pillowcased the quilt and when I turned it right way out again a big chunk of the tissue had peeled away revealing the wadding and there were two other cracks. Hmmm - the solution?.....
... collage a bit more on over the big gap and seal the cracks with acrylic paint!
It was clearly going to be fragile even then so I painted all the tissue with matt varnish with a view to longetivity. But it has a delightful unintended consequence - on the figures made of tissue which had been stitched I got a darkening of the colours that gave a distressed effect that added a lot of interest.


Gerrie said...

I like it! You know I love the green in the background.

JB said...

What a fun, creative piece. I must admit I chuckled at your misfortune, only because it is the kind of problem I run into frequently and then must find some way to cope. Your solution was brilliant.

Are the darker circles felt? Do I detect some chartreuse?

Joanne S said...

Helen I love this. It looks like several Japanese women in kimono peeking around the door to see if the "doctor" is there yet. Now, I know they would never do something like that. Too polite. So they would have to be peeking at something else. What would it be?

I, too, am finding it difficult to blog very often but I am making an effort to leave a comment for those who do try and blog. It is easy to do when the post is so lovely.

Kristin L said...

I love a happy accident.