Sunday, March 06, 2011

How to recognise an art quilter

How can you tell an art quilter from a traditional quilter? I know there are all kinds of debate about the utility of art or the art of utilty or  such yada, yada, yada stuff. Its easier than that. To wit:
When I was only a traditional quilter (because really I think all art quilters resort to strip piecing in times of extreme stress) I had a shopping list that read
1. Fabric
2. Fabric.
3. Fabric
4. Thread.
 Today I realised my shopping list read:
1. Half mask respirator
2. Grout tool
3. Acid cartridges
4. Flexible fence wire

Further,  had I been a traditional quilter only, when my husband called me down from my bath  to let me see just how utterly unsuitable the new lampshades we spent all day choosing really was, I would have been cursing and muttering about the stupidity of lighting designers and what a waste of time the day had been. As it was my immediate thoughts were:
1. Camera
2. Monorinting inspiration
3. Spoonflower.
But really - who wants a light that makes these kind of patterns all over the ceiling and walls of your supposedly restful lounge?!

The pre-Photoshop photos:

Post a 3 min session on photoshop - who needs stitch to do shibori?!


Sue Dennis said...

Yes, learning to see the possibilities is a defining factor for art quilters!

sandra wyman said...

I knew I was an art quilter when the cats bought me a soldering iron for Christmas! (My cats ALWAYS get me the best Christmas presents!)

Rachel said...

It's moments like that that make you realise that life has changed forever!

June Calender said...

Not related to this post, but I'm very excited. THE book arrived in today's mail! I'm about to put on PJs and cuddle under a warm throw and spend an evening immersed in it. Love what I've seen flipping through so far.