Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interactive kitchen

Wow! thank you all so much for  your response so far to my kitchen advice plea. It is all very useful indeed.
Just one more question. Dennis made the mistake of leaving half way through our joint internet shopping session tonight to go and watch football. that was fine by me - I am happy to do the research and then report back with options.  But he has to be aware that if he leaves me and I fall in love in his absence, all his budgetary caution shall be scattered to the wind.

I found THE tap.* Just the one I was searching for. Silly price but I am in love.

I was searching for a handsome tap with a sleek pull out hose with a rounded control that was centrally placed and which swivelled and had a good sense of humour and was non-smoking  - harder than you think. This Franke one was one of three that fit the bill but - oh be still my beating heart - it is black. So it's all matchy-matchy with the black sink and black microwave and black extractor and... you get the idea! I like matching and I didn't even know you could get black taps.
So on colour alone it was a must buy.

But - and here is where I need your help again. It has an added feature, as you can see in the picture of the steel version below. LED lights in the spray. Now this is surely extremely cool and, as I assume Swiss precsion means this is achieved without the risk of electrocution, amazingly clever.

But why on earth do I need LED lights in my tap spray?

* I know, this used to be a quilt blog. Give me time and I promise quilt show photos from the US.


Anonymous said...

So you can see if the water coming out of the tap is clean ... or otherwise?

Could be handy seeing the spot you are trying to remove from a piece of fabric .... which means you need a second one in the laundry!

Judy B

Kristin L said...

I can't imagine why you'd need to light the tap unless you were washing up in the dark, but that would be just plain silly!

I do agree that the black tap is gorgeous and totally worth buying.

Rachel said...

I have to admit that that has me stumped. If you ever find out will you let us know?

Karen said...

Definitely for doing dishes in the dark, and what if there is a power outage, wouldn't this work anyway? And of course the cool factor :)

sandra wyman said...

It's beautiful - does it need a function?