Monday, September 20, 2010

Going backwards to go forwards

You remember how I had  taken over this warm, decorated, equipped dining room as my studio?
And how I was dissatisfied so we moved so I could get a better studio?
Well, this is it.
(Gerrie you asked to see a photo of the guest room. It's the same place.)
The plan is that next week my brother-in-law and husband will be hiring a van and going to my former barrister's chambers to retrive my desk and book cases which will go in here as a temporary studio solution. In around March/April we anticipate starting work in here to create me a dedicated studio and second bathroom. Then the temporary studio becomes the guest room.
Well when I say we start work, I mean the builder starts work. After he does our bathroom and kitchen. And finishes the neighbours loft conversion - he waved at me from their roof today.

Spending some of my time as I do hearing Small Claim cases, I am aware that choosing a builder can be a tricky business. No-one knowingly chooses a cowboy so how do you know if your builder will do a good job? Well recommendation is a good start - this builder has already completed a full refurb of the bungalow opposite us including a loft conversion there too. But I do think gut instinct and an assessment of the character of the person is part of it.

This builder came to visit to take his first look at the jobs we had planned. He walked into the lounge and stopped talking when he saw my quilt over the sofa.
"Did you do that?"
He picked it up, examined the back.
"That's really neat machine quilting. " He fingered it some more. "And these feathers are really good. I like the colour combination."
Now excuse my total prejudice but I didn't expect that. Turns out he used to be a sail maker. And he gets why I need two studios.  (The second will be the converted garage which will be a smaller wet dying and printing studio but thats 18 months to 2 years down the line when the rest of the house is done.)

I think he's worth a punt on don't you?!


Terry said...

Helen, do you have Angie's List or something similar in the UK? We swear by it for finding reliable contractors.|20006|angie%27s%20list||S|e|6003940121

Gerrie said...

You mean I have to wait until then to come and visit!! It will be fun to watch all of this transpire.

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Definitely worth a punt!

Vicki W said...

He sounds like a dream!

Sue Dennis said...

That's an amazing interaction- I'd hire him on the spot! Can he cook too?

Rachel said...

I'd hire him, too!

Judy said...

Hi! Helen,

Seems to me you have the builder you need,I'm having a new bathroom built and it is dragging on forever, maybe I should have shown my builder my quilts. Good luck with your temporary studio.