Thursday, August 05, 2010


Last week I went to Potfest at Hutton in the Park in Cumbria with Mum. This is a series of marquees with stalls of ceramic artsists. I didn't take photos of the items for sale but over an the lawn leading to the cafe they set up a traders competition. This years theme was Shrines and Altars and you get to vote for your top three. Mine:
Ist: Memento Mori by Nigel Edmonson

2nd "Temple" By Gary Uttley

But then, I am rather partial to the work of Polly and Gary Uttley. I own on eof their peices based on India textiles whihc I comnmssioned some 3 years ago after seeing their stall and I was interetsed to see their new 'Patchwork' work based on sampler of all the techniques they use.  I can see a bit of this drifting into the new house.
I also liked this bowl which Polly let me photo so that when I am ready to buy one I can email it back to her so she knows what I am talking about.

Or maybe I'll find a place for this large vase

Later in the afternoon Mum took me shopping for a present she wanted to buy me for my 40th. In fact I was a lucky, lucky girl as she splashed out not only on this bracelet which she has already spotted and took me specifically to see. We ordered it in yellow gold though becuase I don't like white gold. (Its a bad photo because it is a photo from the brochure).
The ring also needed to be resized and so I will collect them both from a branch near to work in a few
 On Sunday we went to the reknown Sharrow Bay hotel for a Michelin starred lunch. This is the hotel where Sticky Toffee Pudding was invented and of course it was still on the menu. Although in my view it is still not a patch on the sublime and unbeatable Cartmel Village Sticky Toffee Pudding

Back at Mum and Dad's....can you see evidence of the different between my neatnik husband and me?
The shameful thing is that the bed  with all my rubbish on it  actually his bed!

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