Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last blog post ever....

...from this house at least.
Tomorrow the phone is cut off and we move. And broadband is not reconnected at the new place until 17th so there will be a blog hiatus.
But I thought that my last post ought to have quilting content so here is the entirety of my quilting output for the last six weeks:

Having finished my four purple and yellow Twelve by Twelve quilts and despite having a truly pathetic collection of yellow to start with I still had scraps.  I also had a cold and was frustrated at not having space really do do anthing that required spreading out  and not much energy to do anything important anyway. I decided just to stitch and see where I got to.  For comfort.
Pretty soon the sneezing started and inspiration struck.
The quilt top has been left out through all the packing, spray basted and ready for quilting in the hope that I might find some spare time.
Never happened. So it shall be a transition quilt.

Meanwhile the packing is completed - but not without a hint of irony along the way.
And of course a last post from here would not be complete without a contribution from Dennis. I could tell you about the email I got a work that started with him digging a rose bush up and ended with him washing blood from the living room walls. But pictures tell a story so much better. And often it is not the big dramatic things that fox my dear husband but the simple ones:

Not exhausted, but laughting in despair at his own latest predicament.
"Why does it always happen to me?"


Feather on a Wire said...

I have a feeling this look on his face is not as much from his predicament but from the fact he has had to wait for his mad wife to find her camera, lol.
Enjoy your new home.

Margeeth said...

In our old home, something similar often happened with my backpack when I got my bike out of the shed.
Good luck with all the stuff that comes with moving house. It will pass. Eventually.

AmosSews said...

Ah memories - having to make a skirt the day before work(all clothes in storage) and no light bulbs!!
Hope the move goes smoothly.

Gerrie said...

Hee! I so needed a laugh from you this morning.

Joanne S said...

A coworker (young) hooked her thong undies over a plant stake out in the shrub and tree area. She had a shrub in her arms and couldn't reach the radio to call one of us to rescue her nor could she reach the ground to surrender the shrub.

She hung there until her panties snapped.

Rachel said...

Hope the move goes more smoothly from now on!

Kristin L said...

It's the sleeves that get me. I am always catching a sleeve sleeve on a door handle and finding myself flung around in an unexpected trajectory. Dennis gets my sympathy.

Judy said...


All the very best with your move.

June Calender said...

Best wishes for happiness in your new house -- everyone should have a transition quilt, just to keep the fires burning in the mind while doing all the jillion things a move requires.

Pat said...

I'm impressed that you can find time to stitch in the midst of your move. We moved 5 weeks ago and I still can't find my daylight lamp! Hope the move went well and that you will very happy in your new home.

Ruth said...

Hope the move goes well Helen. Just spoken to friends of ours who moved at the weekend and told us they threw away as much after the move as before the move. We've had a similar experience following most of our many moves. So you may find that you declutter even more on arrival. Just annoying to pay for moving all the stuff to then part with it. But it seems to be how it goes :-)
Good luck!

Annabelle said...

Beautiful quilt. Lovely blog. Welcome to your new home.