Monday, August 24, 2009

Festival of Quilts - part one

It was great. So great it deserves several posts. But first the packing for Festival. Girl packing: Seven pairs of shoes for six days hidden by neatly rolled clothes.

Man Packing: Four books, a washbag and a big pack of coffee chucked in any which way. 'I don't think this case is going to be big enough for my clothes.'

Girl amended man packing.

Somebody is going to have to learn something before we travel for three months, that's all I am saying!

Before Festival I got an email from Australia from Lisa Walton asking if she could mail 'a quilt' to me and could I forward it on to the show. Of course. So a few days later I come home late from work and the package is there. I investigate it's contents at once and when Dennis comes in to the lounge with a tray of chilli and rice for my tea I have it draped over the sofa and am standing there going, "Oh My God, she didn't tell me it was that quilt!"

"Why. whats special about it?"
"It's Bushfire Sunset. It wins prizes. It's worth ten thousand dollars."
He steps back with the chilli,"Get it out of our house. Soon."

So I did. And it won second prize. Which of course was less to do with Lisa and Nic Bridges work and all to do with the way I pinned the paper labels to the back of the quilt.

I will blog more about festival but not now because along with a pile of shopping I seem to have brought back a full head cold. Yuk!


Kristin L said...

From now on I will have you do all my paper label pinning!!

Can't wait for part two. ;-)

Quilt Pixie said...

lucky you getting to see the quilt upclose and personal! Its a stunning piece of construction :-)

Jude said...

Wow!! Lucky (but daft!) you! Good luck with the packing, I've got trouble with Geoff, with just a week in Wales....

Helen said...

Kristin said it all! I'll have to get you to touch a few of my quilts while you are here in the hope the magic transfers - ha, ha.

Is there a website, with pictures of all the prizewinners at Birmingham, we can look up??

Margeeth said...

Yes that quilt is great, I have stood before it and looked at it for quite some time.
If have kept an eye our for you too, but it was that busy, so I missed you (it is a bit difficult recognizing a person from just a tiny picture at a blog).
I hope your cold is not to bad and that it is just a cold and not the M. flu (we were warned against going to Birmingham, well duh, that flu is going to come here too). I had a sore throat on saterday but I guess it was the dry airconditioned air, in the NEC and the hotel, I drank a lot of water and now I am fine.

Karen said...

Oh I wish I could have seen this show - it's one of my goals to attend. I'm looking forward to more comments.