Sunday, August 30, 2009

Festival of Quilts - part three

After the Masterclass, the show itself. I had heard that there were many fewer quilts than last year, due to the rule changes, but as ever I filled four days quilte happily. I did some one hour lectures, the best by far being Jenny Bowker's lecture on the tent makers of Cairo. My favourite professional galleries were that Jenny and that of Liz Hewitt who did pieces made with Malian mud cloth. Sadly photography was not allowed on her stall and whilst I bought the catalogue ( only £3) the photos are not as detailed as those I would have taken myself. But there is a small photo of her stuff and Jenny's here.
Meeting people is always part of Festival. Di Thompson found time for coffee with me and Lesley and I were able to spend a great evening with Erica Spinks ( left) and Deborah Segart ( right) of Down Under Quilts.

Then I also got to meet Laura ( left) who is doing the Colours Of Africa Challenge which I encourage you all to partcipate in. ( I am working on mine as I type. Well not exactly as I type but today...!)

Sadly I found her paint company Trapsuutjies after I had spent up ( see next post!) but I may be tempted mail order sometime. Her stuff is all made in South Africa which, with my reverse apartheid atitude to shopping is a great advantage and she has some great stamps.


Helen said...

Hi Helen

What were the rule changes for the Festival of Quilts,pray do tell?? Some of us here in NZ are wondering if our next Symposium will stay with the new rules about originality that we had for this year's Symposium in Wellington.

janet said...

I saw you on the Thursday at FOQ sitting outside Wetherspoons with two friends. I thought it was you but did not have the courage to come over and ask! Now I have seen your photo I recognise the top - and were you wearing green shoes?
Perhaps next year we can meet for a coffee?
Janet x