Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Dennis wishes the following to be known:
"I did not read Delia. I did not consult Delia. She just came up first on the web search. I did not use pancetta. I did it all myself. What is pancetta?"

As for me I need to buy a small camera I can just stick in my bag for days when I don't expect to be photographing. (Yes I have one on my camera but I have never fathomed how to download from it.

Today I planned to go into work at the crack of dawn, prepare my case, go to court, do my stuff, return the endorsed backsheet to chambers ( important that bit, it's what gets me paid!) and come home for more work. I started off well but then recalled that the quilt show I am going to on Saturday had started in the Parish church across the road so I popped over, carefully averting my eyes so as to avoid spoiling my Saturday visit, to drop off Project Linus leaftets. Turned out there was a bag of Linus quilts there that someone was kindly going to bring to the office.

So, I went to court, but after getting my bill in ( important that bit - it's what pays for the fabric) called back to St. Nicks for the quilts and could not resist a very quick scan of the quilts- just enough to etsablish I am going to enjoy Saturday (and will have to take the big camera). Then I bumped into Susan from my City and Guilds who was serving refreshments, so tea and cake was in order and a good chat with her. She told me that there was an exhibition of City and Guilds work at School of Stitched textiles which I should have known about but didn't, so I shot off there and got 50 mins in before it closed at four. It both imspired me and reinstated my dithering about going onto diploma level ( I suspect that is another navel gazing post for another day). I juts wish I had pictures

I kind of like being self employed!


Kristin L said...

I'd love to hear your C&G navel gazing as I keep wanting to take courses, but am unsure what I'd actually get from it -- particularly since I have a bachelor's degree in art already, which i think covers a lot of what's taught in the pre- diploma level modules.

Jennifer said...

Good for you, and well done! I do love reading about your adventures....

Meanwhile, it is my pleasure to bestow upon you the "Brillante Weblog" award; stop by my place to pick up the graphic, then spread the cheer to 7 others.