Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A day off?

No phone call ensued so I assume my collegaue is now healthy. I took full advantage and started work on a City and Guilds final piece - a bag based on these Egungun masquerade costumes from Nigeria. Here are a couple of pages from the beginning of my design book to show you the inspiration

I have decided to make a large enough bag to take my sewing machine extension table and a project box to and from classes and maybe to add a few little matching bags for the inside for rotary cutters, threads etc. So far I have the underneath layer and one layer of freehanging strips done - the strips still need to be quilted. This is a concoction of pieces and strips pinned to the design wall. The bag has a similar but diiferent design on the reverse and will have more strips at the top. I am also thinking it needs beaded fringes on the bottom of the strips and some colour in the binding. It is a folded bottom bag so definately a flash of colourful African cloth in the side pieces, still to be added.

The photo makes it look very flat but is not in real life. I'll try for a better photo next time I work on it.

Meanwhile Dennis, after some secret internet research then just a smidgen of advice from me, learned how to make lasagne. he is a touch confused at the discrepancies between the methods open to him. Apparently Delia puts pancetta in and Delia butters the pan....
Maybe. But can Delia design an innovative resolved piece while it is the oven? Bet not.

PS. It was delicious.

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Kristin L said...

So, did Dennis add pancetta per Delia, or leave it out per your version? And if he's in the kitchen with Delia, does that mean you have more time for sewing? Yes, you CAN do it all, but must you?