Friday, December 07, 2007


Too much work. Too much travel. Off now to Blackburn to work ( and park husband at coffee shop for the duration) then from there to Penrith for quilting session.

See a longer blog entry on quilt shows that I've just done at


Vicki W said...

Hi Helen, I've been trying to email you about the pattern info that you requested from me. For some reason the email keeps bouncing back. Anyway, the short answer is that the pattern isn't ready for prime time but there are loads of great fat quarter friendly patterns around so I know you will be able to find something cool for your African fabrics.

Hilary Gray said...

Wow,someone that knows where Blackburn is. I was raised there but born in Darwen. I love the area and miss it terribly. I'll always be a Brit in my heart. Take in the beauty for me.
Hilary in Texas