Monday, December 17, 2012

Filofax Frenzy

My friend Linda on her blog recently dubbed me Filofax Queen. I am happy to have that title but I think I might deserve to be an Empress after today. In my family it is a standing joke thay my sister gets bargain after bargain and everything I want to buy goes up in price the day before I go shopping. Well not today.

Little Sis, read and weep.

First, Personal Malden Filofax now unavailable save through Filofax France for €99, on ebay, grand total of £20.

And it comes with a filofax pen and sticky note insert.

Then, later, late night shopping in Liverpool, I stumbled on a TK Maxx and remembered that the Philofaxy community mention it as a place for bargains. So we enter with me saying, "Of course, there won't be any now I am in here." Wrong.
Long unavailable A5 red Amazonia, RRP £125. Mine for £39.99. Its a beautiful deep yet still slightlu orangy red. Like an african sunset.

And better, this piece of gorgeousness not made by Filofax themselves but with compatible rings and tshe softest of softest leather for £14.99. I put the ruler in to check the ring spacing. Is this not the happiest filofax ever seen?

There will be a video about this on Philofaxy's next webfinds in a hope more information about its provenance can be found. (ie.... Are there more?!)

Oh happy, happy day!



Anonymous said...

The A5 Amazonia - swoon...

Maria in Wellington

Sandra Wyman said...

I am concerned: you are developing a serious habit here...

Helen Conway said...

Sad news. the Malden was innocently misdecribed by a newbie to both filofaxes and ebay and has been refunded. I am now in serious Crimson Malden craving mode! If anyone has one to sell, let me know :)

Cruz Johnson said...

That 'non-Filo' is just YUMMY!