Thursday, November 01, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Sometime ago I decided I needed a challenge. Having had some very nice comments on my guest post on the Philofaxy blog, I decided it was time I went beyond the fall-off-a-log type of blogging that Blogger enables and work out how to self host a site on Wordpress with all the associated anayltical and tracking bells and whistles one can add on. I had great fun researching and applying and figuring out how best to run my new project into the future and some days ago scheduled the resultant blog Plan•Create•Succeed to launch today. Today Philofaxy is hosting a post on the process I went through setting it up.

With Plan•Create•Succeed I hope to introduce my art quilting friends and readers to the people who share my love of filofaxes because although you have different passions I think you all have a lot in common. On Plan•Create•Succeed I will be writing regularly, to a fixed schedule ( I said I wanted to challenge myself, remember!) about some of the things I love; art,creativity, goal setting, confidence building, personal development, creating food, journalling, planning and organisation, design and generally living life to the best.

As I say, I always planned for the first post to go live today. I did not plan for yesterday to be the day of the funeral of my beloved Granny. She died at the age of 91, strong in her faith and content to go to the arms of her Maker. Endings are always sad but it can be comforting to think not of a cessation so much as a handing on of a baton. It amused me and heartened me to learn that Gran had planned her own funeral in detail, having had several consulations with my cousin's husband who was the minister she asked to lead the service. Apparently, she went through several drafts of her order of service, right down to specifying the version of the Bible I was to read from. She will never see Plan•Create•Succeed but I think she would approve of the planning and organisational elements of it!

( Certainly when I went back just now to get the link to my guest post, I see there is a certain irony to my opening line!)

Of course, planning is a good thing, but so is spontaneity and being open to new things. Given that Gran's claim to fame was that as a child in Edinburgh she knew Sean Connery when he was still known as Tommy, I think she would been happy that we creatively embellished her plans with a bagpiper at the end!

I hope you will pop over and subscribe to Plan•Create•Succeed. I very much want it to be a community site so if you have opinions on what you would like on the site let me know. After all, it seems there is a family history of revising plans until they are perfect!


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Joyce said...

I have just had a look at your new blog and found it is fussy about the internet browser a would be commenter is using. Does it have to be like that?

PS You might think 'why doesn't she just change her browser?'. The answer is that I don't own the m/c and I use the browser I am given. If I change it and as a result open it up to risk of attack I'll be in trouble.