Friday, August 03, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

I have been a very lucky girl. I already had a special gift of a Finchley A5 filofax that came all the way from California a little early, but now, in addition to an afternoon tea, some glass sundae dishes cheques and vouchers for my favourite beautician, I have a couple of books...

And thats not counting the Kindle vouchers! If I don't blog for a while you know what I will be doing!


June Calender said...

Happy birthday! Your filofax is gorgeous. So are the ceramics you posted a couple of days ago. I have three wonderful ceramic vases from my very first trip to England, lo, many a long year ago. Good potters in you country!

Joyce said...

Many happy returns. Hope you had a lovely day yest. It's my husband's birthday tomorrow and would have been my mother's on 9th so clearly a good month to be born.

PS Love the pottery. Bought a dish v similar to yours in France a couple of years ago but mine is a range of blues.