Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its genetic!

My sister borrowed my kitchen tonight to make one of her Celebration cakes. 
Clearly, making a huge mess whilst creating is in our genes!
I always thought that when she made a shaped cake she did it in a special tin.Not so. She made a big square  one and trimmed it to shape.
And then made extra buttercream and donated jam so I could enjoy the 'wasted' bits. 


Diane Perin Hock said...

Hi Jen! (waving at screen). The real question is who will be doing the clean-up?

Brenda Gael Smith said...

The mere mention of butter cream makes e gag.

When I was a teenager, my girlfriend and I were entrusted with thr task if aking butter cream to finish off a home made sponge. We completed the task diligently but made an extra batch of butter cream just for us. We were green in the end and I have never made butter cream since!

Working Mum said...

Jen! What are you like?! Always keep your station clean!

Bet the cake was good, though. Can we see a picture of the finished item?

Helen Conway said...

Jen has sent me the following:

Please inform your blogg watchers that should I have been at home and
no temptations of watching relocation relocation with you and Dennis
the place would have been spotless!

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