Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas cake

Today I decorated the first Christmas cake I have ever made. Previously my sister who has professional qualifications tended to decorate our family cake. This year though Christmas is at my house so I thought I'd give it a try,even though I don't even like to eat fruit cake. Came out Ok didn't it?
Um well,no. That cake is a previous creation of Working Mum on the Verge , my old school friend who ought to enter The Great British Bake Off. But she was during my decorating session, as she was back then, my inspiration.
But not my teacher. This, with no instruction whatsoever ( and little more effort) is my cake.

I tell you, there are times when there is no point competing.
Bumps and lumps are the in thing this year,did you not know?
Besides, there's only my Dad bothered about the cake and he'd only poke his good eye out on those snowflakes....


Rachel said...

As long as the ingredients are good, it will taste good and that is what really matters!

Working Mum said...

Thank you for the mention! I can confirm there was no instruction or tuition. Unfortunately the picture isn't showing on my laptop, so I'll have to look again later to see how it turned out. I agree that it has to taste good, however it looks - hope there was lots of brandy involved!

Working Mum said...

Popped back to have a look - haven't laughed so much in ages! Sorry

Judy said...


Pretty good looking cake, bet it tastes good too.