Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I admit. I get cranky from time to time. I am not perfect. But at least I am not secretive about it on top. Let me share.

Today was the day the builder, finally, after many broken promises started to build the bespoke islands for my studio. One for cutting, one for pressing, on castors so they can push together. I had a detailed conversation about my requirements and at his request I drew a detailed picture with precise measurments and instructions...... On the left a 500m base unit, on the right a 1000 one. Side panels on each side? On top worktop 160 cm length. Four castors and all made to the same height as the kitchen island in the kitchen. No problem he assures me. And I am sure you crafty people agree: not a complex and challenging design.

I get home. The cupboards are the wrong way around, the worktop is 164 cm and the whole thing is 4 inches higher than requested with the effect that it is too high for cutting and too high to sit at with the bar stool which I left with them as they were constructing it. Like I said.Cranky.

So I ring the builder. Oh no problem he said. He told Dennis it might be too high. He knew it was too high but it was easier to do it that way than to cut the side panels down. But he did tell Dennis he can alter it.

Very Cranky. I mean,why build it knowingly wrong only to have to re do it?
I go and relay the conversation to Dennis. He denies that any such conversation or any conversation capable of being construed as possibly being akin to such a conversation took place. One of them is flat out lying to me and I am not betting it is the one I have known for nearly twenty years who didn't decide to knowingly build it wrong in the first place.

Past Cranky now. It is for times like this I have a design bath with bubbles. I go and soak. And wash my hair, finishing a shampoo bottle in the process. I get a new one out of the storage cupboard and notice that the label has changed. It is the same in all respects save that the new one is missing the words : 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
WHY????? What have they done to my shampoo that they know in advance I will not be 100% satisfied? I mean what does a shampoo have to do in the first place to make me 100% satisfied? Clean my hair that's what. How hard can that be? Oh and not wind me up again after my relaxing bath. So I guess it was a self fulfilling prophecy to remove that label. What stupid brand manager / PR person came up with that one then?



Vicki W said...

This calls for the industrial strength anti-cranky treatment: a single-malt scotch while soaking in said bubble bath. People who can't/won't follow instructions drive me batty.

Anonymous said...

Well a high recommendation from me would not be forthcoming!
Vicki's right, excped I'd have a glass of red and call it a day.

Judy said...

Hi! Helen,

You have my sicere sympathy, I do know that kind of"cranky", I have come to believe there are people in the world who set out to test tha kind of"cranky". What can I offer? Better luck next time, and the etc. etc

Working Mum said...

Builders! Why do they always do what is easy rather than what you've asked for. And why they ever think that husband's can be trusted to know what we want...... don't get me started!