Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Circling back

Herewith * the first completed quilt of 2011. Which would be an achievement had the fabric not been bought in the last month of 2009 with a view to immediate use on my return from Australia! I am not all that good with quilt names but (unless you all have better ideas) am contemplating Circling Back for all the memories of quilt shops Down Under it invokes. This is the front.

And this is the back.

 And this is the second completed quilt of 2011. A seventeen inch shack quilt which may well bcome a kit in a series of little shacks. I am not sure now about the roof. It is a Shaman (medicine man)'s shack.

I know I have been blog deficient lately so I have some longer more thoughtful posts lined up. In my head that is, not actually posted, but it is ia start!

Finally, Don't forget to visit my Quilt Auction in aid of the Queensland Floods and snag yourself another Aboriginal inspired quilt.

* Herewith is a good word don't you think? Along with aforesaid, thereunto and hitherto mentioned. Do I sound  like a lawyer?!


Vicki W said...

I love both the front and back of Circling Back!

Diane said...

Oh! Oh! I am delighted with this quilt and am very impressed at your completing one this early in the year. And with a decorative and gorgeous back, even! So that's like TWO quilts! I love it.

Terry said...

I truly, truly love this quilt! Those fabrics are wondrous and the design of the piece shows them off beautifully.

Ruth said...