Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I see that I have been absent from this blog for 22 days. How did that happen?

Well partly it has been that our Internet decided to play up for days on end. But mostly it has been that I am distracted. Look what is outside our house!
We even have somewhere to go that will accommodate a studio at the bottom of the garden - you can bet you will be hearing all about that as plans progress. I kind of don't want to jinx the whole deal by blogging too much about the details until contracts are signed. But by way of explanation of how this is distracting - in a fit of celebration I went out and scoured newsagents and now own the July issues of every single house magazine published in the UK. I am happily scouring them and ripping inspiration out and scrapbooking....basically moving house is just one huge shopping experience in all kind of stores I don't mormally think about.
But I have to say that some of the magazines are too aspirational even for me. I spotted a roll top bath. White and  very sleek I admit. But it cost £43,645!!!!

Not for me. But I am thinking  a spa bath......

Meanwhile one of the first things I think we shall do is rehang these baskets that are gracing our current home.


Gerrie said...

So happy for you and Dennis. Show us a pic of the beautiful basket when it has been relocated!!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Absolutely love those baskets. I wish I could find them here in the USA.

Working Mum said...

Look at "Ideal Home" for inspiration, then "Your Home" to see how to get it at much more realistic prices! It was my bible when we moved. Ooooo so exciting to be thnking about doing up a new house! Fingers crossed.

Margeeth said...