Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trees and questions

Posts are better with photos even if the photos don't really relate to the text. In the Circus in Bath ( the swanky place to live ) there are some huge trees in the giant roundabout that is the Circus. And I am not averse to lying on my back in wet grass if it means I get a photo from an angle that is not on all the postcards. So here to day are pictures of those trees. And a wonderfully twisted one from down the road in Queens Square for good measure.

My questions are random:

1. Has any one done the Sydney Bridge Climb or know of anyone who has? I need an honest account before I decide to do it or not.

2. Can you all stop blogging for a little while? I took a holiday. I have been reading diligently since I returned and I still have 484 posts to read. Pause your posting or I shall delete you . You have been warned.

3. I stepped out of Warrington County Court yesterday to get a pad of writing paper. Just plain A4 size. The stationers who shall not be named but have a sign that said WH Smith outside had two pads that size - white or cream - for £9.99. What? When did paper start costing that and how did I miss it happening?

4. My laptop keeps playing peekaboo with the wireless connection. Sometimes it connects sometimes it will not. Any ideas?
5. I sat down to watch Judge Judy and eat at 6pm. It is now 20.54 and I have done nothing all evening. How did that happen?


Anonymous said...

great trees;no real answers. the SHB is BIG. i have not done the climb, walking across it was bad enough - but I'm a wimp and scared of heights. I would not do the climb even if i would lose 6 stone and gain $million at the end of it.

Are you worried that someone is not going to realise you are joking in question number 2 and are you going to need to apologise again? :)

question number three; i have a theory. our gov't has been encouraging households to save water (drought) and save electricity (climate change). so everyone did. then, of course, revenues from these untilities dropped, so govt has decided to increase the price drastically to compensate. maybe Stationers have had same issue because eco nuts saving too much paper by writing shopping lists on backs on used envelopes.

Chris said...

Read this account of climbing the bridge. I just may do it myself some day.

floribunda said...

there's a bridge climb in Auckland, too -- I think it's slightly smaller. Of course you wouldn't catch me on either one of them!

Diana said...

Judge Judy? You have Judge Judy in England? I shudder to imagine what you think of us.

Brenda said...

David and I did a twilight bridge climb with some friends from America. I was a little apprehensive as I'm not great with heights. However, I needn't have worried. The first part of the climb is a narrow catwalk but you have waist high guards on either side so I felt quite secure. On the main part of the bridge, there is a wide expanse on either side of the walkway. I found the trickest part was on the descent which involves some ladders and sideways moves but this was exciting rather than scary. Remember, throughout you are clipped to a safety wire. It was a fun experience but questionable value for money...

Garnered Stitches said...

Love the trees especially the last one. With regrds to Q2. Please could YOU blog abit more often as I missed your comments while you were away - If you don't increase your blog posts now you are back I may have to delete you from my list!!!! (As if!)
Never beed to Sydney but what I have seen on travel programmes it looks like a great experience, maybe a night time climb will be best if you are uncomfortable with heights as the horizon will be obscured and the lights below will look like stars (!) - who am I kidding? I had to crawl along the link bridges between the towers on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona as I froze when I reached the top!. I'd have to do the Sydney bridge blindfolded!
Best wishes

Pennie and David said...

Most of my family have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge at different times and all raved about it. I worked for Iceland during the Sydney Olympics and they all raved about it as well... I'm a wimp but might do it one day.
One of the fun things to do is to sit somewhere near the Opera House and look up at those chains of little grey ants climbing up and over the SHB.
Another option maybe Helicopter flights, you can do 15mins Sydney Harbour for $190 each or 30mins City to Surf which is reduced at the moment and then there's 60 mins for $450.
Then there's the Seaplane Flights, now they are pretty special.
As you can tell I am very passionate about my beautiful city.
Googl - Joy Flights - if you are interested.
Have a wonderful trip it really sounds exciting. cheers Pennie

Melusine said...

Wonderfully twisted one at the end is my favourite.