Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blogging distractions

Strictly speaking my 'writing sabbatical' does not start until January but just having made the decision to start has given me impetus and the abilty to give my writing some priority in a busy schedule. Why is it that we writers are so good at putting of starting writing when the actual writing gives so much pleasure? My first resolution of this blog is simply to focus on the enjoyble process of playing with writing rather than the scary self-imposed requirement of producing quality first time round. Yesterday I wrote just over 3000 new words - and today I have edited old fragments of material, experimenting to see how much better it is if I put my main character Anna into first person, if I slow down a bit and focus on details.
I may well have done more than this edited 1000 words today if I had not digressed into the new (to me) world of blogging. A kind man named Lurgis from Louisiana not only read my first post and added kind comments but pointed me towards the Gostats site where I spent a happy half hour choosing me a vistors counter and feeling clever for managing to insert html code into the template settings for my blog. (Don't be impressed - you can go far with guess work and cut and paste). Then there are all the other blogs out there - Lurgis has his own ( check out the Osama picture) but there are also many other authors out there blogging away - check out and also the November issue of the Internet writing journal for a great article on writer's blogs which inspired me to start this in the first place.

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